Our Team


Sarabpreet Singh

Founder & CTO

Sarabpreet is the founder of Gult Design. Apart from taking pride of being a Ranchi-ite, he's known for his Open Source contributions, Designs and lame-sense-of-humour


Premjit Kumar Singh

Full Stack Developer

Prem is an old grad in computer science. He is the hefty hand in NodeJs and Full Stack pioneer at Gult. He has a Background from SignDigital, SarasByte, JustIntern. Apart from cryptographic stuff, he is engrossed in playing with RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova Machine Gun) and found at most of the Call of Duty game servers as Blood.


Arpan Abhishek


Arpan is our creative junkie, Arpan takes care of designing and editing Shopify stuff at Gult. He is found either in Church or in the suburbs of Ranchi mastering his Photography Skills


Anmol A.

Photographer / GFX

Anmol is our happy go lucky guy, he loves working with the camera angles and likes hanging out with friends pretty often, when not busy he is often spotted singing and playing guitar